The club work closely with a number of key businesses to try to get a good deal for our members. Typically members can enjoy 15% discount off a range of products and services. Members can login here using login key found in their Welcome Email

Battery Disconnect Switch

If you use your Figaro infrequently you may have found to your frustration that the battery runs down. There are many reasons for the drain and some can be very hard to rectify. Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT CODE which… Read More

Boot Luggage Rack (Fixed)

The club works with Classic Boot Racks who supply a purpose made boot rack for the Figaro. The rack is a premium specification, meaning full mirror polishing to all surfaces and it is supplied complete with stainless steel Allen fittings. Club Members can save money on this product/service… Read More

Car Covers

The club works with two companies who specialise in Figaro Car Covers. Car Covers Ltd – OUTSIDE COVERS Car Covers is the UK’s largest range of fully tailored, waterproof, breathable indoor and outdoor car covers. The company manufactures a car cover that fits the Figaro. This cover comes in… Read More


As every Figaro owner knows carpets in these great little cars can let them down a bit. They are nearly always faded and often seem to sport stains and cigarette burns which are very hard to remove. Over the years different dyes have been available but the finishes and… Read More
Published on 4th August 2017

Decal Stickers

The club works with Blazing Gun Products who reproduction Nissan Figaro decal stickers. Original artwork as close to the original (unavailable now). Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT CODE which is detailed in their Welcome Pack Email. Save money today and… Read More

Door Sill Tread Plates

The club works with Bermeca who have produced these door sill tread plates specifically for the Figaro. The plates not only protect the cars door sill but also make a statement of the cars name! Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT… Read More

Floor Mats

Specifically manufactured by The Figaro Shop for the Figaro these luxury mats not only look the business they also save the car from dirt and are easy to clean. Very well made exact fit, not a universal shape. ‘Figaro’ embossed mats in the following colours: Black / Charcoal Beige Grey… Read More

Glove Box Lockable Latch

A very handy addition to your Figaro and allows you to keep your personal items secure with this lockable glove box latch. Any Figaro Key will lock this too! Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT CODE which is detailed in their… Read More

Hose Kit (Full Silicone Coolant Upgrade)

Engine overheating caused by old or faulty coolant hoses can lead to a very expensive repair bill!  The Figaro Shop can provide a brand new Coolant Silicone Hose Kit. This includes all 9 hoses as pictured needed for the Figaro and new Stainless steel clips to replace the in-efficient standard… Read More

Hose Kit (Turbo Silicone Upgrade)

According to the supplier, this is a Silicone replacement hose kit, which far exceeds the quality of the original genuine Nissan parts, will help eliminate any boost leaks and on top of that improve the looks of your engine. Leaking boost pressure causes noise, low power, bad running and eventually… Read More
Published on 8th October 2017


Due its age, the Figaro is classified as a ‘Classic Car’ so main stream insurance companies will not insure it. Also, if they did insure the car it would only be a ‘like for like’ bases which means in the event of a claim they will only offer you a… Read More

Mud Flaps

The club works with Performance Creations who have reproduced these mud flaps identical to the originals (no longer available from Nissan) with the ‘FIGARO’ text available in 5 colours! Three material options are also available to order from the standard 4mm PVC to the stronger and 3mm/4mm Kaylan**. The 4 flaps… Read More

Net Shelf

This is a really useful addition to the car and not only looks great but also creates some much needed space for phones, glasses and more. The Shelf comes with all fittings and instructions. Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT CODE… Read More

Rear Arch (repair panel)

The Figaro suffers badly from rust around the rear arches. The front arches are plastic but the rear are metal and due to the design can trap water leading to extremely bad corrosion. We also point out in our Buyers Guide when advising on viewing the car as… Read More

Rear Lamp/Light (re-chroming)

If you you take a close look at your rear light surrounds, chances are, the shine may have dulled over time and in some cases pealing of the chrome coating would have occurred. This is an age old problem and up until now the only solution was to live with… Read More
Published on 29th September 2017

Rear Window Frame

The Rear Window Frame is known to suffer from rust causing the vinyl to lift and bubble rust badly and many become unrepairable. The Figaro Shop have re-manufactured the part in Fibre-glass providing exceptional protection . The item is a direct replacement and come fully trimmed requiring no modification to… Read More

Rocker Shaft Re-Tension Kit

This kit is to re-tighten the rocker shaft on the engine. The kit is sold by The Figaro Shop who claim that if not done the shaft can lift causing damage to the head / top of the engine or even a snapped rocker shaft. For a simple job to do… Read More

Rust Protection

If you drive your Figaro all-year-round we highly recommend you get it treated with Waxoyl or an equivalent product. The original design of the car with its deep cavities is an ideal  breeding ground for rust especially in areas along the under door seals. In cold conditions salt is applied… Read More

Seat Gap Filler

We think this is a nifty little product, so decided to include it in our Accessories Listings. The product was found at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2017. We all drop items and food down the side of our seats! The item fits neatly between the console and seats filling… Read More
Published on 18th November 2017

Seat Restoration Products

The club works with the Leather Repair Company who provide perfect colour matched quality leather care, repair & restoration products. Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT CODE which is detailed in their Welcome Pack Email. Save money today and JOIN… Read More

Tokyo Nouvelle Vague Plaques

The club works with Blazing Gun Products who reproduction the original Tokyo Nouvelle Vague Plaques. Original as close to the original (unavailable now). Only 1,500 of the 20,000 Figaros manufactured were ever supplied with the Tokyo Nouvelle Vague External Plaque. Both these plaques have been lovingly reproduced to replicate the… Read More

Tonneau Cover

These tonneau covers are made and designed by The Figaro Shop. They are made from the same material as our roof kits so are the same high quality. The cover fills the gap between the upper boot lid and the rear parcel shelf. £29.99– Order from The Figaro Shop… Read More

Toy Figaro Car

Detailed miniature Nissan Figaro 1:43.  Beautiful detail miniature with original wheels and sunroof. Manufactured by Kyosho this car is a perfect copy of the real thing and makes an ideal present or gift for the Figaro lover in your life! Material: Die-cast Colour: Emerald Green white. Club… Read More