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As the Official Owners Club we pride ourself on providing honest and independent advice on buying the car. Here you can read a number of independent reports and get help on the most popular questions…

20 Popular Buying Questions?

1 – What should I pay? This of course will very much depend on your budget but it’s important to know what you wish to use the car for? If the Figaro is going to be your ‘main’ vehicle and used on a ‘daily bases’ we recommend spending over… Read More

Buy/Sell your Figaro

Figaro Trader is the only commercial website that is 100% dedicated to the Nissan Figaro. Learn more Sell your car, parts & accessories and enjoy Adverts from only £10 for 3 months – Includes 9 images and external links Buyers can… Read More

Classic Car Buyer - Sept 2015

This article was published in Sept 2015 by Classic Car Buyer and provides a quick overview of the car from an independent point-of-view. Read/Download the PDF – Click here… Read More

Classic Car Weekly – Feb 2016

This article was published on the 3rd Feb 2016 by Classic Car Weekly and provides a quick overview of the car from an independent point-of-view. Although we agree with most of the article we would question the comments regarding rust, the valuations (which are way out) and MPG which is… Read More

How to calculate true Mileage?

The Figaro was manufactured in Japan where Kilometres is the unit of measurement. As the car was never officially exported by Nissan (grey import) if it is driven in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States or Liberia it will require a small modification to comply with local… Read More
Published on 10th August 2017


Due its age, the Figaro is classified as a ‘Classic Car’ so main stream insurance companies will not insure it. Also, if they did insure the car it would only be a ‘like for like’ bases which means in the event of a claim they will only offer you a… Read More

Nissan Figaro Buyers Guide - Downloadable

Published by the club this Online (PDF) Guide will be emailed to you within minutes and is a comprehensive guide to buying a Nissan Figaro. The guide is divided into 30 sections and covers what should be included as ‘standard’ with the car, what to look for, key inspection areas,… Read More

Owner Support

Members have access to our Comprehensive Technical Forum which has been running since 2009 and includes over 30,000 technical posts, comprehensive PDF guides & manuals, owner repairs & restorations and much more… Join Club Ownership Support A-Z Ownership Help Over 150 Topics and… Read More


Below is the official specification and technical data for the car Vehicle Info Model: Nissan FigaroModel Number: E-FK10 Chassis Number: FK10-00XXXX Manufacturing Date: Between March – September 1991 Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle Model Type: 2-Door Coupe Maximum Speed: 100mph – 160km/h (estimated) Weight Gross Vehicle… Read More