The club works with a number of specialist suppliers and dealers that have created a range of accessories for the Figaro. Due to the age of the car many undergo minor & major restorations. This can range from low cost repairs to a full respray, interior refurbishment and much more. Due to the simplicity of the Figaros construction, work is often carried out by our members adding value to the car. Items are listed in an A-Z Order…

A/C LED 'ON/OFF' Upgrade Video

The existing A/C indicator is very dull and is hard to see. There are two options to upgrades… Purchase complete PCB KIT £20 This Kit is manufactured by member Andy Knowles Payment: Either via PayPal using or Bank Transfer to: Acct. No. – 00042539 – Sort code – 11-08-80… Read More
Published on 24th February 2017

Battery Disconnect Switch

If you use your Figaro infrequently you may have found to your frustration that the battery runs down. There are many reasons for the drain and some can be very hard to rectify. Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT CODE which… Read More

Bonnet Emblem Replacement

Is your bonnet emblem looking tired or worst still missing! Here we show you how you can replace it or fit a new one and where to buy it. Price – £64.99 BUY NOW Here’s how to replace a worn out hood emblem on your Nissan Figaro: 1)… Read More

Boot Brackets (re-chroming)

The most endearing part of the Figaro all that lovely Chrome. Due to the age of the car this can become crazed and dull, however the brackets can be brought back to new by re-chroming by The Figaro Shop. The boot hinges are sold as a pair and they include… Read More

Boot Luggage Rack (Fixed)

The club works with Classic Boot Racks who supply a purpose made boot rack for the Figaro. The rack is a premium specification, meaning full mirror polishing to all surfaces and it is supplied complete with stainless steel Allen fittings. Club Members can save money on this product/service… Read More

Breakdown Flare

The Figaro was supplied with a breakdown flare. Now just why Nissan choose to provide this ‘marine type emergency signalling technique’ is a point for discussion but like so many other quirky items on this vehicle it’s just another reason to love the car! The handbook provided has an article… Read More

Car Covers

The club works with two companies who specialise in Figaro Car Covers. Car Covers Ltd – OUTSIDE COVERS Car Covers is the UK’s largest range of fully tailored, waterproof, breathable indoor and outdoor car covers. The company manufactures a car cover that fits the Figaro. This cover comes in… Read More


As every Figaro owner knows carpets in these great little cars can let them down a bit. They are nearly always faded and often seem to sport stains and cigarette burns which are very hard to remove. Over the years different dyes have been available but the finishes and… Read More
Published on 4th August 2017

Chrome Handle Surround Kit

Made by The Figaro Shop this is a 3 piece kit to help tackle shrinking door cards and roof liners.The kit comes with two plates for behind the inner door handles and 1 for the roof handle. They can be fitted in seconds and can transform a sorry looking interior. Comes… Read More

Chrome Trim Repair

The chrome strip running all the way around the car can suffer from problems. The main issue is the perishing of the plastic seat between the car and the chrome trim. As the rubber becomes old it tends to lift and separate from both and at worst case hang out… Read More

Chrome Wheel Arch Trim

This Chrome Wheel Arch Trim is a perfect replacement for the original Nissan items that began flaking and looking rippled many years ago. The Figaro Shop have taken a long time to track down anything remotely close to the originals but this item fits the bill perfectly. The trim is… Read More

Clarion CD Radio Upgrade

The club works with Clarion Service UK who provide upgrade options (frequency update/mp3/iPhone) and repair services for your Clarion CD/Radio. 4 Upgrades are available starting from £229.95 – Read more Contact Details Pennyfields Malmesbury Road Leigh Nr Cricklade Wiltshire SN6 6RA… Read More

Cruise Control

USA club member Phil Auldridge carried out this modification. Phil lives in Texas and often has a 10 hour drive from Austin (Center of Texas) west to El Paso at legal speeds of up to 85 mph so cruise control is a highly desirable upgrade! Phil has documented how he… Read More
Published on 13th April 2017

Cup Holder

Original Figaro cup (and CD holder) are rarer than hen’s teeth! You can find a for sale on Ebay and Figaro Trader but expect to pay top dollar. If you do happen to secure on they simply push it into the area below the stereo!! We… Read More

Dashboard Repainting

The Figaro Dashboard can become dull and dirty, especially around the glove box. There is a solution, however as it can be repainted. The process involves the removal of the complete dash, instruments, gauges and controls. Price – To paint the Dash Board on its own will cost £195+Vat or… Read More

Dashboard Top Renovation

The Figaro dash top cover can suffer from cracking especially if the car has been left in sunshine. The reason appears to be the breakdown of the original material from UV rays causing the material to crack. This can also be caused by attaching a GPS Suction bracket to it… Read More

Decal Stickers

The club works with Blazing Gun Products who reproduction Nissan Figaro decal stickers. Original artwork as close to the original (unavailable now). Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT CODE which is detailed in their Welcome Pack Email. Save money today and… Read More

Door Handles (re-chroming)

The most endearing part of the Figaro all that lovely Chrome. Due to the age of the car this can become crazed and dull, however the door handles can be brought back to new by re-chroming by The Figaro Shop. The boot hinges are sold as a pair and they… Read More

Door Sill Tread Plates

The club works with Bermeca who have produced these door sill tread plates specifically for the Figaro. The plates not only protect the cars door sill but also make a statement of the cars name! Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT… Read More


You may have seen some Figaros with extended eyelids. These look great, polished stainless with a peel-off protective plastic coating. Easy to fit with instructions. They will have the same chrome look as the headlamp surrounds but will keep that shine for longer with no chance of peeling. Price… Read More

Figaro Luggage

The club works with Hillsalive who have created some bespoke luggage solutions for the Figaro. The two bags are designed to fit in the top rear boot. Specification The luggage features two identical cases for the Nissan Figaro with one pocket opposite handed. Pockets may be made to “pop-off” at… Read More

Floor Mats

Specifically manufactured by The Figaro Shop for the Figaro these luxury mats not only look the business they also save the car from dirt and are easy to clean. Very well made exact fit, not a universal shape. ‘Figaro’ embossed mats in the following colours: Black / Charcoal Beige Grey… Read More

Glove Box Lockable Latch

A very handy addition to your Figaro and allows you to keep your personal items secure with this lockable glove box latch. Any Figaro Key will lock this too! Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT CODE which is detailed in their… Read More

Headlight Chrome Surround

The most endearing part of the Figaro all that lovely Chrome. Due to the age of the car these can become crazed and dull, however some parts can still be purchased from The Figaro Shop. These headlight surrounds over time will lose the rubber surround as the rubber becomes old… Read More

Hose Kit (Full Silicone Coolant Upgrade)

Engine overheating caused by old or faulty coolant hoses can lead to a very expensive repair bill!  The Figaro Shop can provide a brand new Coolant Silicone Hose Kit. This includes all 9 hoses as pictured needed for the Figaro and new Stainless steel clips to replace the in-efficient standard… Read More

Hose Kit (Turbo Silicone Upgrade)

According to the supplier, this is a Silicone replacement hose kit, which far exceeds the quality of the original genuine Nissan parts, will help eliminate any boost leaks and on top of that improve the looks of your engine. Leaking boost pressure causes noise, low power, bad running and eventually… Read More
Published on 8th October 2017

How to polish out marks on your Windscreen Surround

One of the many endearing features of the Figaro is the chrome & stainless steel used throughout the car. One such item is the wide stainless steel trim that runs up the side and along the top of the roof, just in front of the windscreen. Over the years, this… Read More
Published on 21st November 2017

Instrument Meter Lights LED Upgrade

If you’ve driven your Figaro in the dark and the lighting on both the Speedometer & Tachometer is poor, the chances are it still contains the original tungsten bulbs. Due to the age of the car these can become blackened over time. The technical reason why the bulbs go black?… Read More
Published on 8th November 2017

Lace Seat Covers

The original Figaro Lace Seat covers are very rare indeed and occasionally come up for sale. This example was fitted to Ting Tong a stunning car owned by Graham Foulston. The set consist of the two front seats plus a larger version for the back seat. Read More

Lower Boot Tray

The lower boot tray was an optional extra so not all cars will currently have one. The item slides in and out on top of the spare wheel and creates a neater storage area. The compartments were designed to accommodate optional Nissan items. Read More

Mud Flaps

The club works with Performance Creations who have reproduced these mud flaps identical to the originals (no longer available from Nissan) with the ‘FIGARO’ text available in 5 colours! Three material options are also available to order from the standard 4mm PVC to the stronger and 3mm/4mm Kaylan**. The 4 flaps… Read More

Net Shelf

This is a really useful addition to the car and not only looks great but also creates some much needed space for phones, glasses and more. The Shelf comes with all fittings and instructions. Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT CODE… Read More

Owners Club Plaque

Prices at just £29.99 plus delivery this is the ideal gift (or treat for yourself) for any lover of the Nissan Figaro. Beautifully presented in a custom presentation box and engraved onto 1mm thick stainless steel. These Figaro Owners plaque can come with either a black velour backing for display purposes… Read More

Paint (Interior Panel Ivory)

With the Figaro now over 25 years old its only natural that the inside will have suffered from lots of scruffs and marks over the years. In addition many cars have issues with the interior panels becoming stained or going sticky.   They need to be thoroughly cleaned, we use… Read More

Parking Stick

The Parking Stick allows you to see the front of the car when parking and is a very interesting accessory to own as it always draws questions when the car is parked. Just why you would need this addition guide to park such a small car is a debatable subject… Read More

Personalised Number Plates

The Figaro Owners Club have teamed up with Speedy Registrations to offer you highly competitive personalised number plates for your Figaro!   The company have been supplying number plates to the public since 1984 and are members of: C.N.D.A – (Cherished Numbers Dealers Association) M.I.R.A.D – (Member of the Institute… Read More

Poly Bushed Arm Kits (Improves Handling)

Remove that ‘jelly feeling’ from the rear suspension by exchanging the original ‘rubber bushes’ fitted on the suspension trailing arms for ‘polyurethane bushes’. available from just £149.99 a set. The Figaro Shop fitted a set to our club car ‘Belle’ and we can confirm that that there is a dramatic… Read More
Published on 12th June 2017

Rear Arch (repair panel)

The Figaro suffers badly from rust around the rear arches. The front arches are plastic but the rear are metal and due to the design can trap water leading to extremely bad corrosion. We also point out in our Buyers Guide when advising on viewing the car as… Read More

Rear Lamp/Light (re-chroming)

If you you take a close look at your rear light surrounds, chances are, the shine may have dulled over time and in some cases pealing of the chrome coating would have occurred. This is an age old problem and up until now the only solution was to live with… Read More
Published on 29th September 2017

Rear Window Frame

The Rear Window Frame is known to suffer from rust causing the vinyl to lift and bubble rust badly and many become unrepairable. The Figaro Shop have re-manufactured the part in Fibre-glass providing exceptional protection . The item is a direct replacement and come fully trimmed requiring no modification to… Read More

Rocker Shaft Re-Tension Kit

This kit is to re-tighten the rocker shaft on the engine. The kit is sold by The Figaro Shop who claim that if not done the shaft can lift causing damage to the head / top of the engine or even a snapped rocker shaft. For a simple job to do… Read More

Roof Replacement

The club works in association with European Trimming’s Company Ltd (ETC) however we are aware there are a number of similar products available. If you wish to have the roof fitted you can book your car into their workshop (the work is carried out at their workshop which is based… Read More

Rust Protection

If you drive your Figaro all-year-round we highly recommend you get it treated with Waxoyl or an equivalent product. The original design of the car with its deep cavities is an ideal  breeding ground for rust especially in areas along the under door seals. In cold conditions salt is applied… Read More

Safety Belts Cleaning

As the Figaro is over 20 years old most have years of dirt and grim on the safety belts. This can be cleaned so they look like new. Here we show you how! Simply pull out the belts and hold them in place with cloth pegs Mix some washing up… Read More

Seat Cover & Cushion

Beautiful hand made custom made Figaro cushions and seat throws.  One throw and cushion (feather pad) per set. This is a seat cover with lovely detailing and the cushion to match which has a feather pad so all good quality. Different patterns and colours coming soon. Price: £35 a set… Read More
Published on 28th March 2017

Seat Gap Filler

We think this is a nifty little product, so decided to include it in our Accessories Listings. The product was found at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2017. We all drop items and food down the side of our seats! The item fits neatly between the console and seats filling… Read More
Published on 18th November 2017

Seat Re-upholstery/Repair

The club works with The Figaro Shop who can offer  a whole range  of services including… Repair Re-upholstery Renovation Contact Rich’s Sidings, Didcot OX11 8AG Phone: 0800 917 3119 Email: Web:… Read More

Seat Restoration Products

The club works with the Leather Repair Company who provide perfect colour matched quality leather care, repair & restoration products. Club Members can save money on this product/service by using the DISCOUNT CODE which is detailed in their Welcome Pack Email. Save money today and JOIN… Read More

Service Kit

The club works with Autolink UK who have put together a kit of parts which are perfect if you are planning on going on a long trip and contains Oil, Air & Fuel Filters (quality, Japanese parts) & Denso or NGK (both used by Nissan) Spark Plugs. Specification… Read More

Sound Deadening

As all Figaro owners know, the sound inside the car compared to any other car is quite loud. We all love the sound the 1 litre turbocharged engine makes, and the lovely exhaust rumble. Sometimes though, it’s nice to listen to some music, particularly if you have spent £400 on… Read More

Spare Wheel

The yellow emergency Nissan Figaro Spare wheel is supplied as standard. The wheel is designed to be used only while the picture is being repaired. It’s good practice to occasionally check the air pressure which should be 4.2kg/cm2. When the tyre is fitted the vehicle height is lowered slightly so… Read More

Strut Brace

Improve the handling of your Figaro by fitting a Strut Brace. The brace fits on the existing mounts and is easy to fit with NO adjustment of modification is required. HOW DOES IT WORK When you corner, the whole Figaro chassis is twisting slightly. In the front (and perhaps… Read More

Tokyo Nouvelle Vague Plaques

The club works with Blazing Gun Products who reproduction the original Tokyo Nouvelle Vague Plaques. Original as close to the original (unavailable now). Only 1,500 of the 20,000 Figaros manufactured were ever supplied with the Tokyo Nouvelle Vague External Plaque. Both these plaques have been lovingly reproduced to replicate the… Read More

Tonneau Cover

These tonneau covers are made and designed by The Figaro Shop. They are made from the same material as our roof kits so are the same high quality. The cover fills the gap between the upper boot lid and the rear parcel shelf. £29.99– Order from The Figaro Shop… Read More

Tool Kit

The Figaro Tool kit is included in every car as standard. If this or parts are missing we recommend buying them just in case you breakdown! Included in the bag should 1 x Tow Hook, 1 x Screwdriver (Phillips/Flat), 1 x Jack Handle, 1 x Wheel Jack, 2 x Spanners… Read More

Valve Extension Caps

Due to the design of the polo wheel access to the tyre valve can be difficult. The club found these extension valves on Amazon. They also have a built-in dust cap. Supplied in a pack of 5. Specification No Specification Provided Price – £9.88 Free Delivery (as at 24/10/2016)… Read More

Wet Boot Liner

Remember the rear boot is a WET BOOT! This means that it will get wet inside so if you want to keep stuff dry why not fit a Boot Liner?  A great way to protect dirt from entering the drain holes is to fit a plastic boot liner. We found… Read More

Wind/Rain Deflector

The Polished Stainless Steel Wind/Rain Deflector attaches to the top chrome trim via saddles. They work very well enabling the owner to have the window open but stops the rain entering the cabin. Unfortunately not available from Nissan they can still be found on the internet by searching for ‘Nissan… Read More

Wing Mirror (refurbished)

The most endearing part of the Figaro all that lovely Chrome. Due to the age of the car this can become crazed and dull, however the wing mirror stalks can be brought back to new by re-chroming by The Figaro Shop. The white part of the mirror can also be… Read More

Wing Mirrors (Powered)

Club founder Kevin met this member at the Ace Cafe 2017 meet where he was showing off his rather nifty powered wing mirrors! Using a standard Ford controller and motors he explains how he did it too. Enjoy some more pictures of his car… Read More
Published on 13th April 2017

Wiper Restoration

A simple job that required just a 12mm spanner and can of spray paint! To remove, simply pull the black plastic clip up to exposing the 12mm Nut. Using a socket set remove the nut. Now pull the wiper up and give it wiggle to remove. You will notice that… Read More
Published on 28th October 2017