Carolyn Lachecki

I first saw a pink fig a couple of years ago and, like the rest of us, desperately researched all I could about the car and its history, never really thought I would have one though until earlier this year my husband gave me a surprise wedding anniversary gift of…a picture of a fig!!- no that’s not it, said he! lets import one for you – how fabby I thought! so, we started the process with Figs4U and Figaro Restore, seemed to take all my life waiting but eventually 2 weeks ago Freddi the Fig was ready to bring home! I chose a lovely soft lilac colour for her as it is my favorite colour and I have never seen another like it and I do like to be different! As I think, do all fig owners.

I seem to have spent the last couple of months glued to EBay checking out all the accessories available and near bankrupting myself in getting some of them but It’s been great meeting lots of new “virtual” friends on the forums and Figaro Bob has been a brilliant source of both accessories and advice and I am now looking forward to meeting some of my new “friends” at Fig10 in May.

I am still thrilled with Freddi and love all the attention she gets and really happy that I saw that lone pink Fig that time in Cheltenham to inspire me to be part of something so individual and exclusive as a “Figaro Owner”

Published December 2009