Carla Wells

Just the thought of my beautiful Figaro MayBelle brings a big smile to my face.

This transcends onto everybody she meets, it’s the ‘MayBelle affect’.

Life is all about experiences and adding to the movie strip in your mind, the adventures I have had with MayBelle have created so many.

The most memorable so far has to be packing her up on a Friday afternoon after a day in the office and driving to  our first Festival.  Barmouth from Cheshire, our furthest trip yet.  The feeling of excitement from start to finish of the journey.  Driving on with her roof down into the night for 3 plus hours, whizzing around the lanes, it started to drizzle but it didn’t phase us, it just added to the excitement, me, MayBelle in the dark, roof down, Bruce Springsteen playing, belting along…the exhilaration had me shouting at the top of my voice  “THIS IS SO COOOOOOOOOL!!!”.  I’ll never forget that experience. She gave me that and it was a feeling that money cannot buy.  If offered a Porche or Ferrari over MayBelle, it wouldn’t be up for debate.  Nothing beats her quirkiness, individuality and style.  My 5 year old daughter Autumn actually hugs her and she always asks “mummy, why does everybody look at our car?”. I reply “because she’s SO COOL my darlin, she’s just so COOL!!”.