CarFest South 2014

Wow what a weekend!

Thanks again to Vanessa & Clive, Nikki & Moke, Valerie & Chris, Paul & Laura & Billy, Julie & Friend, Karen & Steve & Harry for bringing their cars down to exhibit on our stand. We must have spoken to hundreds of people many of which we hope will be future members! As we already know, the figs sell themselves. We are there to answer the normal questions about price, reliability and where can I buy one!

2014 is the third year the event has been running, and so far it has raised over £2million for Children in Need (our littler club raised £100 of that!).

The weather stayed perfect for all three days where visitors enjoyed fantastic cars, great food and wonderful music. We had such a good time but highlights of the weekend for me were 10CC (they were so good) and the ‘club cars parade’ on Sunday. This was a new addition, our figs lined up, the flag dropped, and we started bombing down the central road track to thousands of people and ended up winding our way through the villages where the pavements were full of waving locals what an awesome experience!