Bonnet Emblem Replacement

Is your bonnet emblem looking tired or worst still missing! Here we show you how you can replace it or fit a new one and where to buy it.

Price – £64.99 BUY NOW

Here’s how to replace a worn out hood emblem on your Nissan Figaro:

1) Using a non scratching plastic pry bar (and a piece of cloth to protect the paint) carefully pry the emblem working your way around it.

2) Once the emblem comes off you need to carefully peel away the adhesive using the pry bar.

3) Make sure to mark the position of the original emblem with a piece of tape. Degrease and clean the surface.

4) Remove the backing tape from the new emblem and carefully align it.

5) Once the emblem is in position, press it down to fix it in place.

6) Make a cup of tea!