Belinda Wanless

I first met the Figaro in 2006 when I happened to catch a bit of ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ on TV.  I had a little bronze Fiat Punto at the time… just and A to B car….and there on the TV was something far more interesting and exciting.

By March 23rd 2008 I had sold the Punto and picked up my first Figaro; a beautiful emerald green.  Even with some online investigation I didn’t know much about the cars. The Figaro Owners Club hadn’t yet been born; information was limited.  It was by luck rather than by design that I managed to get a good car first time from a private seller. The first trip round the M25 in the dark and the quiet (the stereo was original and emitted just ‘grizzles’) was the start of my Figaro adventure.

In 2008 there was a gathering of Figaros at The Gaydon Motor Museum.  So many cars to see and the first time I’d seen customised Figaros. At that meet I saw a Figaro of the most beautiful glittering orange colour. I took pictures and kept it in mind.

A week after the 2011 Ace Café meet I bought my second Figaro.  By this time I what knew what to look for from experience and having taken much advice from the Figaro Club website. A month later it was fully serviced, and was the same sparkly orange colour of the car I’d seen at Gaydon. (I’d met the man who’d sprayed the Gaydon car at the 2011 Ace Cafe meet.)

In 2012 I took Fig 2 on my first Figaro Club rally to Jersey with my sister Lynette.  I was nervous about the ferry trip as the Figs were packed in really tightly (don’t forget to pull the handbrake!), but it was quite smooth and all the cars came out unscathed.  The rallies are great!  Driving the Figs in convoys is an amazing feeling. Everyone is so pleased to see this convoy of funny looking cars, and we always get lots of smiles, waves and photographs taken.

This year I am going up to Scotland. As I write, 32 cars are `registered, several from The Netherlands, one from Germany and one from Luxembourg – it’s truly becoming an international event.
I don’t think I’ll ever tire of my Figaros.

I drive them both equally all year round every day, and put the roof down any time I can, day or night.  I’ve carried an 10ft tree in it, numerous bags of cement and compost and thirty-two large lavender plants –  the smell was glorious!

Update March 2017
Belinda decided that Fig2 needed some updates and attention so took her to The Figaro Shop for some restoration work. The car was treated to a full interior refurbishment – all interior panels professionally cleaned, New leather front and rear seats (rear seat fluted). Orange leather trim on seats. Orange Leather steering wheel, gear stick and brank lever covers. Enjoy the latest pics…

Published on 30th March 2017