Belinda Richardson

Is it her big round headlights, curvy lines, oversized chrome switches and dials, or the soft cream leather seats all wrapped up in those dolly mixture paint colours. YES to all.

Whether cruising through the city or country lanes with the gentle growl from her exhaust, she always gets a positive reaction. When you stop be prepared for the questions: What was it? Who made it? How old is it? And where on earth do I get one? Most people think she is Italian, circa 1950’s. I love watching their expression when I say it is a Nissan Figaro from 1991. ‘Get outta here!’ as one American gentleman exclaimed when hanging over the door to take some photos whilst I was waiting for the lights to change.

They are not flash or expensive, there is no snobbery or one-upmanship as they are all the same. A truly egalitarian sports car. Yes they are a bit different and slightly ‘Noddy’ but in a world of bland car design and at 25 years old she can still turn heads even against the goldest of Lamborghini’s.

Image of Belinda-Richardson-710