Ace Cafe London 2011

Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful day. We had over 50 Figs brave the London traffic to attend the event.  

Blessed with some cracking weather the day kicked off around 10 o’clock as cars started to arrive at the gate. Ipyana (our man on the gate) did an excellent job turning away any NON FIGARO CARS and helping members park. As the morning progressed more and more cars turned up and at one point we were concerned that we would fit everyone in! Judging commenced at 12.30 and members browsed the cars making their decisions and popping their voting forms into our special voting form bucket! Nic and Simon from Figaro Doctor were busy assisting members on a range of maintenance issues spending much of the time under the cars… Thanks again to Figaro Bob and his family who were kept busy with their range of accessories and roof fitting services. As the time approached 14.00 everyone took up positions by their cars for our group shot. (Apologies to a few of our members who were clipped out – we must invest in a wide angle lens!). As the day came to a close we announced the winners of the raffle and our competition winners (see below).

Competition Winners

The lucky winners were…

Vic Turner Furthest Travelled – 187 Miles
(We did actually have Rob Janssen a member from Holland turn up with a distance on 650 Kms but he had to leave early and wanted Vic to win it!)

Linda Pitts/H726LNA – Best Classic Colour
Well done to Linda with a superb aqua blue Figaro

Sarah Gill/J731MJK – Best Custom Colour
A beautiful pink example

Alison Caraccio/FIG4454 – Car of the Event
Stunning colour and workmanship

Published April 2011