A/C LED ‘ON/OFF’ Upgrade Video

The existing A/C indicator is very dull and is hard to see.

There are two options to upgrades…

Purchase complete PCB KIT £20

This Kit is manufactured by member Andy Knowles

Payment: Either via PayPal using andypk@ntlworld.com


Bank Transfer to: Acct. No. – 00042539 – Sort code – 11-08-80

Note: If you cut-off the existing PCB when you fit my PCB and send the original back to me I will reduce the price to £17.50. 

Purchase Parts Separately for less than £3

The processes involved in upgrading it to a much brighter one. The modification costs only £2.59 (as at Feb 2017) and further information and links to parts can be found on page 34 of the Issue 9 March Figgyworld or on our Forum (exclusive to Members). A brilliant upgrade which takes less then an hour, costs just £2.59 and requires only a few tools!

See how to do this Video below

Published on 24th February 2017